The encyclopedia explains the major technical terms used to describe the technologies for the future markets of today, tomorrow and beyond. From A as in app to M as in MEMS right through to Z as in ZigBee.

Sensor Fusion

The intelligent convergence and processing of all (environmental) sensor data required for autonomous processes. The results of sensor fusion are better than those obtained from the interpretation of measured values from individual sensors.


Central network computer via which functional and infrastructural network services are provided.


Subscriber Identity Module

SIM lock

Lock code to restrict the use of SIM cards


Also called technological singularity – the point in time at which machines are so advanced that they can upgrade themselves.

Smart Factory

In the Smart Factory, people, machines and resources communicate freely.

Stereo camera

When a stereo camera captures an object, there is a spatial disparity between corresponding points in the left and right image. The disparity is inversely proportional to the range of the point been viewed. This enables depth information of a scene to be calculated from a stereo image. The result of the calculation is a value per pixel, and can be visualized as a depth map.


The continuous transfer of compressed data in the form of a data stream over the Internet.