The encyclopedia explains the major technical terms used to describe the technologies for the future markets of today, tomorrow and beyond. From A as in app to M as in MEMS right through to Z as in ZigBee.


Charge-coupled Device


Program that simulates human conversation. Chatbots are not just speech-based, but can also work using text. The chatbot is trained in advance on the answers it can give to questions from the conversation partner.


Provision of IT resources over the Internet on demand, billed according to actual usage.

Cloud Computing

The dynamically demand-based offering, use and billing of IT services over a network such as the Internet.


Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor


Central Processing Unit

Cyber-Physical Systems

Software-intensive embedded systems which are linked to each other but also to data and services on the Internet.


Solutions to counter the risks posed by connecting to and over the Internet.


A short form of the phrase “cybernetic organism”.