Technology solutions for a more humane world

The interplay between innovative technologies and the dramatic rise in technical aids for a large portion of the population will help to satisfy people’s needs, both now and in the future. New technological solutions have the potential to fundamentally transform the economy and society as a whole. Enormous possibilities will be opened up in terms of productivity, the creation of wealth and the rights of the individual.



Automation will make for better working conditions in practically every sector:


New modes of transportation make traffic safer and help to conserve resources:

  • Alternative drive concepts
  • Fully automated driving
  • Electric micromobility
  • Flying taxis


Innovative technologies will tap into new sources of food and facilitate production methods that preserve resources:

  • Urban farming
  • Precision farming
  • Animal products from genetic material (without rearing livestock)
  • Desalination plants
  • Water treatment


More and more people worldwide can communicate securely with each other and participate in social and democratic processes:

  • Internet access for all (5G, satellites, etc.)
  • New human–machine interfaces
  • Virtual reality

Home & Lifestyle

Combining numerous technologies enables us to lead sustainable, comfortable and safe lives:

  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Homes
  • e-Governance
  • Wearables


Digitalisation enables better, more efficient healthcare – even in regions with poor infrastructure:

  • Telemedicine
  • AI diagnosis
  • Surgical robots
  • Human augmentation (i.e. the use of technology for cognitive and physical enhancement in humans)
  • UV-C disinfection


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