The module Heracles 324

With the new Heracles 324 module, EBV offers an all-in-one solution for networking Internet of Things products via plug&play. Whereever they are located. The third generation of the module also has a secure element that ensures secure authentication in every kind of applications.

The Internet of Things opens up a large range of new applications. But the increasingly large numbers of subscribers is accompanied by a growing risk of cyber-attacks. Therefore mutual authentication and encryption of data have become core elements of the secure use of IoT devices. As a result, EBV has added a secure element to the latest generation of its Heracles telecommunications module.

Reducing development time

The Heracles 324M is a connectivity module containing all components required to connect a device to the cloud via LPWA. It combines an ultra-low-power microcontroller and a LTE modem optimised for low data throughput with exceptionally low-power-consumption. Additionally, a global satellite location system and a prepaid data packet for the European mobile communications network.

The LTE modem can handle not only standard global LTE categories such as LTE-M and NB-IoT. But also established 2G/E-GPRS (GSM) connections. Users can easily integrate the all in one, and ready to use module, into their device. This reduces time-to-market, ensures reliable functionality, cuts the system-costs of an IoT integration and increases the production yield.

The Qualcomm® 9205 LTE modem is our next-generation global multi-mode single chipset connectivity solution. And is purpose-built to support reliable, optimised cellular connectivity for IoT applications. Such as asset trackers, health monitors, security systems, smart city sensors and smart meters, as well as a range of wearable trackers. The key features of Qualcomm 9205 make it ideal for battery-powered IoT devices, enabling them to operate for 10 years or longer in the field. And for IoT applications requiring low-power, wide-area connectivity with a small form factor.

The module Heracles 324

The new Heracles module will be available in different versions. Heracles 324M is available with either a prepaid data package of 50 MB for five years or a package of 500 MB for ten years. Providing flexible connectivity almost everywhere via the mobile network in currently 33 European countries.

The Heracles 324G version contains an embedded eSIM. This allows users to switch between different mobile phone providers “over the air” at any time. Without having to send a SIM card by mail.

However, the newly integrated secure element is the basis for a high level of end-to-end security. By integrating a hardware-based trust anchor into a discrete, secure element within the chipset, an unchangeable identity is established in each module. This is the basis for reliable protection of the device, the data and the decisions and actions taken based upon it.

The new communications module from EBV thus provides an easy to use solution for robust and secure communication from the IoT device to the cloud.


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