Energy-saving hacks for everyday

Even low-key, day-to-day activities can be tweaked to use energy sustainably without going to the effort of installing solar panels on the roof or driving an electric car. Future Markets Magazine gives ten best energy-saving hacks for everyone to make their own contribution to changing the way we use energy and reducing their carbon footprint.


Best of 10 everyday energy-saving hacks

640 kg savings CO2 per year
Traffic: take the bus, bike, or train to work

Try and leave the car in the garage as often as possible – cycling is also every bit as healthy as walking.
(Savings based on a commuting distance of 20 km)

350 kg savings CO2 per year
Heating: turn the temperature down

Nobody should sit in the cold! Yet even reducing the room temperature by one degree makes a big dent in energy consumption. (Savings based on a 4-person household)

330 kg savings CO2 per year
Washing machine: a full load at a low temperature

Eschew the pre-wash and always wash at a maximum of 60 degrees – and only ever in exceptional cases at 95 degrees. Then hang them out on the line instead of tumble drying

170 kg savings CO2 per year
Electronic devices: switch them off completely

Electronic devices still consume electricity in rest mode or on standby.

125 kg savings CO2 per year
Heating: shut off the warm-water circulation

The convenience of getting hot water from the tap immediately guzzles electricity and heat energy around the clock. Installing a timer switch is an alternative to a permanent shut-off.

46 kg savings CO2 per year
Hob: put a lid on the pot

It might sound simple, although many amateur chefs still don’t do it despite the potential electricity savings. It’s also important that the size of the pot matches the hob plate.
(Savings based on cooking 3x a week)

27 kg savings CO2 per year
Computer: laptop instead of a PC

Laptops have energy efficiency built in to ensure that their batteries last as long as possible.

21 kg savings CO2 per year
Router: switch off in the evening/at night

On some routers, it is possible to deactivate the WLAN at night with a timer.

18 kg savings CO2 per year
Hob: steam eggs and vegetables with just two centimetres of water in the pot…

…instead of covering them completely to boil. If a pot isn’t filled all the way up with water, this will save time as well as electricity.

9 kg savings CO2 per year
Refrigerator: raise the temperature by one degree

Many households have their refrigerator set too cold. A temperature of seven degrees is sufficient to keep food fresh.


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