Technology marketing agency

“The Quintessence” magazine is created and realised by IndustryAgents – a Munich-based advertising agency specialising in technology topics. The agency uses its comprehensive technical expertise and love of impeccable design to write creatively framed, forward-looking stories.

Made up of creative minds, specialist editors, and designers, the agency team develops the editorial and visual concept for every issue, writes all articles, manages interviews, and designs the magazine, the app, and this online platform.

EBV Elektronik and IndustryAgents have already collaborated on more than 20 issues of the TQ-magazine. Among others, the following topics have been covered: Robotics, The Internet of Things, Wireless Connectivity, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Motor Control, Autonomous Driving, Edge Computing, Smart Cities, LEDs, Industry 4.0, and a special issue entitled Passion for Technology.

“The Quintessence” has received 13 awards to date for its high-quality editing and creative design.