Faster to intelligent IoT products

Developers working on products with integrated AI for the internet of things need time and major resources. This type of product typically requires up to 24 months until it is marketable. With a pre-industrialised software platform, Octonion now plans to ­reduce this time to only six months.

Smaller companies that want to realise products for the Internet of Things often lack the resources for electronics and software development. In addition, it takes lots of time to put together the building blocks required: connectivity, AI, sensor integration, etc. For example, the time to market for typical IoT projects is between 18 and 24 months – a very long time in the fast-paced world of the Internet.

A new solution from Octonion can help. The Swiss firm has developed a software platform for interconnecting objects and devices and equipping them with AI functions.

With this complete solution, IoT projects with integrated AI can be realised within six to eight months.

From the device to the cloud

Octonion provides a true end-to-end software solution, from an embedded device layer to cloud-based services. They include Gaia, a highly intelligent, autonomous software framework for decision-making that uses modern -machine-learning methods for pattern recognition. The system can be used for a wide range of applications in a variety of sectors. What’s more it guarantees that the data generated by the IoT device belongs to the customer only, who is also the sole project operator.

Reduce costs and development time

The result is a complete IoT system with Artificial Intelligence that provides a full solution from IoT devices or sensors and a gateway to the cloud. Since the individual platform levels are device-independent and compatible with all hosting solutions, customers can realise all their applications. Developers can select the functional module they require on each level. This enables them to adjust the platform to their individual requirements, providing the perfect conditions for developing and operating proprietary IoT solutions quickly and easily. With the Octonion platform, proprietary IoT solutions are marketable in only six months.

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