Short portrait about Mate Rimac

Mate Rimac is a key figure in the field of electromobility and he is not only building the fastest mass-produced car of all time. But Rimac is also one of the few people to found a successful car company in the past hundred years.

Even as a young child, Mate Rimac was already obsessed with cars. However, he eventually reached a point where he wanted to make them better and more exciting by electrifying them.

Mate Rimac was born in what was then Yugoslavia in 1988. The tinkering electronics fanatic had already registered two patents at the tender age of 17. At the age of 18, he went on to lay the foundation for his company. Because of buying an old BMW 3-Series for driftsport racing. After its engine exploded, he swapped it out for an electric motor. Rimac kept on improving the BMW, setting five FIA performance records for electric cars in the process.

Finally, with the vision of creating a sports car for the 21st century, he founded Rimac Automobili. The company develops unique traction systems characterised by their power and energy density. Rimac Automobili has since become one of the global technology leaders for high-performance electric motors and drivetrains. Who is equipping renowned brands such as Pininfarina and Porsche, not to mention major producers like Hyundai and Kia.

The kind of car I wanted really didn’t really exist, so I had this natural curiosity to see if it could be done.

With his knack for accelerating development and constantly raising the bar, Mate Rimac has achieved his goal: the Rimac C_Two is the most exciting car of our times. With a rated output of over 1,900 hp and torque of 2,300 Nm, the supercar can accelerate from 0–100 km/h in under two seconds, with a top speed of 415 km/h.



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