Passion for Technology

Passionate people make a difference to the lives of others. This is especially true for techies – people with a passion for technology. You only have to think of Steve Jobs, James Dyson or Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Internet. Of course, we mustn’t forget Robert Noyce, father of the Silicon Valley and, together with Jack Kilby, inventor of the integrated circuit. Without their contribution modern electronics would be simply impossible.

We will have even more need of such passionate techies in the future, as solutions to the problems of tomorrow can only be found with their creativity.

Back when the integrated circuit was invented, there will still around 2.5 billion people on the planet. Nowadays, there are just shy of 8 billion. By the end of the century, the UN anticipates that the world’s population will increase to 11.2 billion. Sustainability is vital if all of these people are to enjoy a life worth living.

Agenda 2030

In 2015, UN member states published 17 goals for sustainable development in the “2030 Agenda”. These goals link the principle of sustainability with the fight against poverty and economic, environmental and social development.

Technology in many sectors can help in achieving these goals. For instance, future technologies will reduce the cost of education, transport and healthcare. At the same time, solutions for strong authentication and identification will help to validate sources of information.

With innovative technologies, it will be possible to produce meat, milk and other animal products directly from genetic material. And all those things without breeding livestock, saving energy, land, water and greenhouse gases. But these are just a few examples. There are still many more applications where technology can provide greater sustainability in the sense of the UN’s targets.

Semiconductors play a crucial part in many of these developments. Chips that are getting progressively more powerful and cheaper, are the foundation for future technologies. So it’s not surprising that the global sales of semiconductors rose from USD 149.4 billion in 1999 to USD 412.3 billion in 2019, according to the SIA’s 2020 Factbook.

The demand for semiconductors is mainly driven by products that are ultimately bought by end consumers. Whether laptops or communication devices like smartphones. As the capability of semiconductors increases, they are making it more affordable to build modern infrastructure. This is causing demand for them to grow exponentially in emerging markets in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa.

EBV provides the passion for technology

EBV shares this passion for new technologies. With our products and our expertise, we assist our customers in transforming their passion into real products and solutions.

Slobodan Puljarevic

Former President of EBV Elektronik



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